The Million-Dollar Planner created by Marketing by Monrae is more than just a planner; it's a roadmap to success, meticulously crafted to meet the needs of ambitious women juggling multiple roles and responsibilities.

Inside the Million-Dollar Planner, you'll find a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to help you take control of your finances, cultivate a millionaire mindset, and implement strategic marketing tactics to grow your business without the overwhelm and stress that comes with a lack of knowing. 

From budgeting and goal-setting to bible scriptures and campaign planning, the Million Dollar planner covers every aspect of your journey as a business owner & woman.

Our mission is simple: 

help you transition from feeling invisible in the marketplace to becoming a force to be reckoned with – both professionally and personally. 

With the Million-Dollar Planner by your side, you'll gain the clarity, confidence, and strategies needed to create & maintain your Million-Dollar Lifestyle.




Whether you're a devoted mother, loving girlfriend, daughter, friend, 

or driven business owner, this planner is your partner in achieving 

balance and prosperity in every aspect of your life to guide you to 

meet the million-dollar version of yourself that exists within you.

Whether you're a devoted mother, loving girlfriend, daughter, friend, 

or driven business owner, this planner is your partner in achieving 

balance and prosperity in every aspect of your life to guide you to 

meet the million-dollar version of yourself that exists within you.




Cut The Overwhelm & Increase Productivity

You’ll begin to feel much lighter and confident in the increase of your productivity with our easy-to-follow prompts to guide you in increasing revenue in your business through a strategic marketing plan.

Grow Your Relationship With God

Thoughtfully incorporated bible scriptures to help you grow your faith & relationship with God.

Stop Procrastinating & Start Executing

You don’t just talk about your business, you stand on business and that is what your friends, family, and peers will appreciate about you as you begin to let go of the spirit of procrastination and become an executor in every area of your life.

Track Your Finances

Get out of the slump of money coming in and money going out right before your eyes as this easy-to-follow section becomes your finance partner to better habits and relationships with money

Make Your Goals Your Reality

Goals are nothing without a plan. This section guides you through an intentional plan to set you up for success, prepare you for 2024, and align with your goals, values & mission.

Build A Millionaire Mindset

It all starts with your Mindset, as a business owner and woman carrying a healthy mindset that allows you to see clearly, dream big, and achieve even bigger is what the Million Dollar Planner is all about. 



Award-winning Marketing strategist, Business Coach, Author, Girlfriend, CEO & Friend. Marketing By Monrae is the visionary behind the Million Dollar Planner, Millionaire MOB University & Ghetto CEO podcast. 

In 2019, Monrae identified a critical gap in the market – CEOs lacking the expertise to maximize their marketing efforts effectively, hindering their growth potential.

In response, Monrae founded Millionaire Mob University in 2020, driven by her unwavering commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and equipping them with the tools needed to thrive she has gone on to help her students & clients generate over $25M in revenue and has used what she has been able to execute with her 8 figure marketing & planning strategy to bring the Million Dollar Planner to CEO’s everywhere as the guiding tool to not only create their Million Dollar Lifestyle but maintain it.



01. Can I use the planner if I'm just starting my entrepreneurial journey, or is it more suited for experienced business owners?

Our planner is designed to cater to entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your business, the planner offers valuable tools and insights to support your growth. 

02. What makes the million-dollar planner unique compared to other planners that Marketing By Monrae has released before?

Unlike our previous planners this one was created intentionally to guide entrepreneurs through an entire 24 months versus 6 months or 1 Quater. This planner not only focuses on million dollar marketing but other areas of life that make a millionaire such as faith based prompts, scriptures and financial planning. We designed this planner for you to make your million dollars and know how to keep it. 

03. What specific features does the planner offer for mastering money, mindset, and marketing?

The planner includes tailored sections and prompts for financial planning, mindset exercises, and marketing strategies, empowering you to creare a millionaire mindset, lifestyle and business.

04. How does the presale pricing work, and when will I receive my planner if I purchase during presale?

During the presale period from March 15th- March 31st, the planner is available at a discounted price. Orders will be fulfilled once the shipping process begins on April 30th

05. Are there any digital resources or online communities available to complement the planner?

Yes, we offer access to exclusive digital resources and our online free Co-Workers community to further support your journey as an entrepreneur and connect with like-minded CEO’s.

06. Can I purchase the planner as a gift for someone else?

Absolutely! Our planner makes a thoughtful and practical gift for aspiring female entrepreneurs, mothers, wives, daughters, and anyone looking to elevate their business and personal life.

07. Can I customize the planner to suit my individual needs and goals?

While our planner comes pre-designed with essential features, there is flexibility for personalization and adaptation to your specific CEO type and lifestyle preferences

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