The Planner just LEVELED Up!

We have revamped the pages and added more sections to guide you on important business matters like pricing your products right, talking to your ideal client avatar and so much more.

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The Million Dollar Planner just LEVELED UP! The best it’s ever been.


We have revamped the pages and added more sections to guide you on important business matters like pricing your products right, talking to your ideal client avatar and so much more.



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Let's take a look at 

the NEW Key Features

Talk To Me Nice

To help you learn how to talk to your audience effectively.

Price is Right

To assure that you’re properly calculating your cost of goods sold and selling price.

Date Your Audience

To help you create and understand your customer journey.

Date Your Audience

To help you create and understand your customer journey.

Year In Review

To guide you on how to get your entire year together with your sales goals and intangible goals in mind.

Content Planning

To guide you on how to get your content properly planned with your sales and intangible goals in mind.

dive deep into your everyday hustle!

This planner dives deep into your everyday hustle with customized pages to help plan your social media strategy, content days, business goals, and so much more. Like your business, this planner is one of a kind and guaranteed to help you plan your work and work your plan.

So rather than stressing and becoming burnout about all of your marketing plans for the year, you can stay focused on achieving milestones along the way and maintaining a steady progress one quarter at a time.

The Best Part? It comes on SUBSCRIPTION!

How our

subscription WORKs


Each quarter, you will be able to get this planner automatically sent to your doorstep with curated products to level up your marketing plans and strategies.


By purchasing the subscription planner you will get access to live digital training from Monrae and other experts to help you boss up in your business and life.

03. Community Events >>

Access to an exclusive Facebook group called “Black Girls Plan Too” where we have monthly activities, planning sessions, exclusive content creation. Plus, join us for quarterly challenges for motivation and accountability to hit your marketing goals.

04. MOBU Library

Access to over 100+ videos that are broken down into our 8-step SMC Method™ so you can have additional resources to complete your campaign planning.

Meet the planner

In the Map Out Section

We have added the Objective, Purpose, and CTA that allows you to add stickers to plan out all of your posts and follow the content road map that Monrae teaches.

We've added the daily tracker in Phase 6

Monitor so they are able to track their daily analytics.

We've added excerpts of the Caption Bible

Inside of the planner for a guide on how to complete their execution section.

We now have QR codes!

These codes link you to the new Million Dollar Planner course that teaches you how to use the planner.


People are extremely satisfied with the MDP!

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Questions & Answers

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We are proud to have members of the MOB University all over the world and are excited to ship boxes internationally. There will be an additional shipping fee based on location, and please anticipate longer shipping times as we do our best to get boxes to you as soon as possible anywhere in the world.

Can I purchase the planner separately?

Of course. Though we strongly suggest that you purchase the subscription planner as it will save you more money plus more benefits.

*Subscription Planner (membership): $129

*Million Dollar Planner alone: $135

Your choice! :)

I'm a new entrepreneur, is this for me?

The Million Dollar Planner is designed to help both seasoned and new entrepreneurs. So yes, you'll learn all my marketing strategies that I used to scale my business to 7 figures. These skills apply whether you're just starting out, scaling a multi-million dollar empire, or simply want to become the best version of yourself in life and business.

Are classes live? What if I'm in a different time zone?

This is a self-paced, recorded version of a live workshop—which means you can learn at your own time and schedule.

What is the ETA for each quarterly planner?

There will be a processing time of 3 to 5 business days and the estimated delivery will be 7 to 10 days.

Can I cancel or freeze my subscription?

We believe deeply that great leaders are made, not born and everything you want is waiting for you on the other side of consistency. Hence, you are not allowed to cancel or freeze your subscription. We'll workshop through your goals, have monthly challenges and community for accountability, so by the end of each quarter—you will achieve your goals.

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