Marketing Made Easy: E-Book Templates

Marketing Made Easy: E-Book Templates

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The Marketing Made Easy: E-Book Templates are exactly what you need to get your business in front of a guaranteed audience. If you’re sick and tired of fighting with the algorithm, then it’s about time you apply some pressure with a lead magnet (aka E-Book) that will grow your email list, increase your visibility, and set you up to make consistent sales. 

Included with these 5 E-Book plug and play templates are: 
✔️ Video walkthroughs (so you’re never alone in creating your lead magnet)
✔️ My Canva Crash Course (the MOB raves about how easy it is to use)
✔️ A list of white label vendors - in case you want a done-for-you E-Book
✔️ A step by step breakdown on how to add your brand colors and logo
✔️ Instructions on the best method to deliver your E-Book
✔️ An introduction to the audience nurturing process, so you understand what’s required on your journey to generating sales from your email list
✔️ Resources for a website that literally spits the copy out for you

Here are some details on a few of my fav templates that are included:

We’re taking it back, just a lil’ bit with the style of our retro E-Book Template! All my 80’s babies (and even my girls from the 99 and 2000’s) are gonna appreciate this one. This template has a retro approach but is still super trendy with over 10 original pages.

“And on Wednesdays we wear pink!” My next favorite E-Book template looks like something straight out of the movie Mean Girls. This template is still super original but because of the hot pink color and stationery layout, it’s giving Burn Book vibes. And baby! The hottest thing about this book is the design. And the best part is (just like all the templates) you can change out the colors, and add your logo for a completely new, on-brand look.

And there are three more templates included with these two!!
That’s 🖐🏾 Marketing Made Easy: E-Book Templates PLUS the video trainings, resources, and vendor’s list.

If you’re interested in exploding your list, then you need a valuable offer that people actually want. Let’s create your E-Book together. 
Snag your Marketing Made Easy: E-Book Templates now!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Cool but Could be Better

I personally wish the templates were a little more modern of not so much pink. I was hard for me to choose one because none of them jumped out at me. Helpful for sure and very easy to just plug your info in. Just wish the designs were better.

Mariah James
Easy to use

The templates were very easy to use. It was easy to tailor to fit my brand. The courses were helpful as well. Def. recommend.

Amanda Reed

Amazing job

Changing to 5 stars!!

I must say Marketing by Monrae's team worked diligently to get me up and running! I'm not sure what the email glitch was but it was fixed within 24 hours of my email and me leaving a review.
I was able to get started and see others that have already started and completed their ebooks! The process is easy & super user friendly!!

Morgan Mays
Best Course EVER

This was such a great resource. I have always struggled with writing e-books and this helped! Thanks Monrae!!